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Hand-Drawn City Wallpaper FREE APK


Discover our Hand-Drawn City Wallpaper! It’s creative hand-drawn outline with a beautiful houses, cozy cafes and shops, blinking street and window lights, cars, bright stars, airplanes, multicolour balloons and others. A tame crocodile lives in the lake. Sometimes cosmos sends us its regards with a cosmic satellite. The wallpaper looks like graphical outline picture filled with bright joyful colours. It will bring you a plenty of positive emotions! Realistic street agleam lights and sky change during the day and night. Amazing star sky at night.
The wallpaper includes a possibility to display the current weather for any places you wish! Detailed weather information is displayed on the big board near the pound: temperature, humidity, pressure. The weather is extra feature and should be bought additionally from Settings menu.


– Day/Night/Morning/Evening mode. The wallpaper can be synchronised with real time of all daytime and night. It’s possible to apply different speed of the day/night change* Day mode only in free version.
– Cars beeps and increase the motion speed on screen touch*
– Windows broke and blow out on screen touch. Windows light up in random order at night, the number of windows at night is configurable*
– The number of cars, car speed are configurable*
– The number of stars is configurable*
– Different types of clouds. A number of clouds and their speed are configurable *
– Many interactive elements – airplanes, clouds, windows, birds, cars, a crocodile – they react on screen touches. The interactivity can be turned on\off with the corresponding wallpaper setting.
– Airplanes increase their speed on screen touch.
– Cosmic satellite and colouful balloons are flying under the city.

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Developer: HappyLWP
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