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Wireless Speaker for Android APK


Android application to turn Android device into wireless speaker (Also works with USB tethering and WiFi HotSpot)
Servers can be downloaded from http://wifiaudio.boards.net/

New Features in
Windows Server :-
1) Auto start at system boot
2) Auto discover mobile device (Needs firewall exception for port 32000 in Windows Firewall)
3) Remember last used IP address and auto start audio transmission if IP address is stored.
Linux Server :-
1) Auto discover mobile device
2) Movie mode for audio video sync.

How it works:
Download Windows or Linux executable on your machine depending on the OS
a) Run WiFi Audio Android App, you will see IP address of mobile device
after that run Windows/Linux application and put mobile device’s IP address in the IP address field and then press start on PC application. Now all audio coming out from PC will be send to mobile device and you will hear audio on mobile device.
b) This version also supports auto-discover feature, that will work in following conditions
1) Users has to allow incoming packets from port 32000 on the PC, For Windows user has to add exception for either application executable or for port 32000. On Linux following command will add exception for port 32000
iptables -I INPUT -p udp –dport 32000 -j ACCEPT or users can use firewalld to add exception permanently.
(Note: to execute iptables command root permission is required on Linux)

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Developer: ajeet narsingh vijayvargiya
Get it on Google Play