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Morphin – Infiltrate your favorite GIFs


Morphin lets you infiltrate your favorite GIFs and steal the limelight.

All it takes is a selfie to replace Obama in the mic drop heard round the world, or toast your friends like you’re the Great Gatsby.

Unlike other apps that just paste your image onto an existing GIF, Morphin uses CGI technology to fully recreate your likeness. The visual difference is extreme.

Let your alter ego go wild. Easy to create, easy to share.

– Your CGI alter ego looks just like you. No cumbersome customization of face or body.
– Shock your friends with unique Reaction GIFs and steal the show in group chats!
– Simply caption your GIF creations in-app
– Capture your friends’ faces and surprise them later with the right GIF at the right moment.Priceless!
– No watermark

Requirements: Android 4.4+
Developer: Uraniom
Get it on Google Play