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Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker



Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker is an optimal water drinking reminder, which will help you keep fit and stay hydrated every day while improving your water diet and providing health benefits. Drink water app will track daily water intake using a single tap water logging. It prevents dehydration by reminding you when you forget to drink water, so you never get thirsty. Would you like to experience a natural H2O body cleanse and have a healthy skin and healthy nails in a natural way, while getting free kidney stone prevention and diabetes prevention?

Drink Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker features:

? Water Calculator – Automatically calculates your recommended daily water intake based on your gender and weight. This is a starting point in your clear water diet and it will provide you with healthy nails and healthy skin. Stay hydrated and keep fit!

? Water drinking reminder – Water reminder app will remind you to drink water during the day at desired intervals so you never get thirsty and experience dehydration. Drink water app reminder is fully customizable. It will not disturb you when sleeping.

? Water tracker – Log daily water intake by using our single tap water logging system to track every single H2O drinking session and reach the hydration goal determined by water calculator. Keep your healthy nails and healthy skin even healthier.

? Statistics – Drink Water Reminder app keeps track of your daily water intake, daily goal progress, and long-term statistics. See how this habit improves your health over time with this powerful body cleanse method which provides diabetes prevention and kidney stone prevention.

? Achievements – Keep fit and get health benefits and enjoy the drink water app progress even more by checking how your avatar level goes up while regularly using water drinking reminder and achieving H2O milestones in a playful manner.

⚙️ Customizable units – Choose between imperial (fl oz) and metric (ml) units for water logging.

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Developer: Ascendik
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