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Ablo – Make new friends from all over the world



Ablo is your tool to connect and have one-on-one conversations with new friends from all over the world. Read, write and talk in your own language, Ablo translates your chats and video calls live! Discover more about your friends’ culture, language and where they come from. Show your identity and your country. Travel without even leaving your home. Available (free) for all devices.

• Free text & video chat
• Live translation
• Unlimited conversations
• Challenges
• Discover new countries

Welcome to Ablo. Meet new people and make friends while exploring the world’s diversity. Experience it via text and video chat. Travel around the world, meet new people and reach incredible places. Chat with people from other cultures all in any language you might speak.

Instant live translations! Ablo has a built-in translator that can translate any language your new friends could speak. Talk to your friends with video chats! Ablo’s translator instantly translates text and video chats from your new friends to any language you prefer.

Meet people & explore the world in any language. Enjoy the trip!

Requirements: Android 4.4+
Developer: MassiveMedia
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