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Restore Image Super Easy with this App



I want to return the erased images again! I have erased the image in mistake! Why don’t you try to use this app? You may be able to restore the erased photo and picture!

*Billing in-app is only the function to delete ads!
*You can use all the functions in free!
*There is no limit of the function at all even though you use in free!

A special feature

  • Super easy image data recovery!
  • Need not the knowledge!
  • Need not the PC!
  • Need not rooting!
  • Need not Backup data!
  • You can restore found image certainly!
  • You can also restore before installation image!
  • You can restore the image from the Device or from the SD card!
  • Corresponds to jpg and png!

How to use

1. Select folder
2. Select the images
3. Tap the start button to restore

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Developer: AlpacaSoft
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