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Battery Repair, Protector, Cooler and Safe Charge



You heard of incidents where batteries of reputed smartphones exploded while charging. Many people lost their life due to battery getting exploded while listening songs or over a phone call. With high mah Li-on battery capacity, this problem is rising day by day. Though all big companies are trying to resolve this problem, they have circulated recommend way to charge your phone.

Few of these recommendation are:
1. Do not overcharge your battery as this reduces Li-on battery life cycle. That means your battery will get more older, more you overcharge.
2. Do not charge your battery in high temperature circumstances. Just playing games more than 2 hours cross 42°c temperature. It is not advisable to charge your battery at that time.
3. Do not plug in your phone for unknown power supplies. Fluctuating voltages damage the battery.

However its not possible to take care of these points in day to day life, we have launched safe battery charger & cooler app with charging protection.

With this app
You get the voice alert (using text to speech)
1.when your battery is 99% charged
2.when temperature gets high while charging
3.when voltage cross its limit / voltage fluctuations

You don’t even need to open the app. When you connect the charger, app automatically open and start protecting you. When you plug out the charger, app will automatically close and stop protection.

** Features **
1. Customize the alert voice. Make it male/ Female. Change the accent as per your locale.
2. Get all battery info.
3. Real time battery temperature graph
4. get temperature in status bar.
5. Automatic charging protection.

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Developer: FutureApps
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