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Spy Camera Detector And Hidden Camera Detection App



Hidden Camera Detector is very helpful app for those who want privacy. If you are in a personal space where you feel your privacy can be compromised with other spy camera detector or any other hidden camera detector then our app is the best solution for your problem with spy devices such as IR camera detector. This Hidden camera detector detects hidden cameras because they emit infrared radiations. These infrared light radiations cannot be seen with naked eye.

Features of IR Hidden Camera Detector:
– Easy interface
– Special Camera Filter
-IR Remote Detector (Infrared)
– Spy camera detector
– IR camera detector
-Uses magnetic sensor.
-Finds out all hidden devices.
-Uses infrared detector feature in case of having no magnetic sensor

This Hidden Spy Camera Detection 2020-Spy Camera Detection uses magnetometer sensor of android phone to detect metals and other electronic devices based on their power of magnetic field. Phone body scanner detects metal in such a way that when it finds a metal it sounds an alarm. In case of any weapon or any metal thing it will let you know that something suspicious is hidden around you.
Some type of metals depending on their length, material and temperature may exhibit same magnetic activity as that of camera. In that case app may beep, but sometime metals that have very weak electromagnetism, so the app ignores that. Camera spy has special method of finding nanny cam or spy cam. For detecting infrared camera, hidden camera is used to find spy camera. For detecting infrared camera our app hidden camera detection has option for transparent spy camera which will work on background.

Methods for using Hidden Spy Camera Detection 2020 Spy Camera Detection
-Open the app menu and move the device around yourself.
-It will show you the intensity of the metal thing and sound will be increase in your mobile, if any device is hidden near you.
-It works with the help of built-in electromagnetic sensor in your mobile phone. This is Best Hidden —Spy Camera Detection 2019-2020 Spy Camera Detection – Magnetic Field Detector to detect using infrared electronic rays.
-If you feel the application is not working then remove mobile back safe and shake your mobile 2 to 3 times, because sometimes mobile electromagnetic sensor does not work correctly with any type of cover.

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Developer: Hyco Inc.
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