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SMS Backup – Makes A Backup Of Your SMS And MMS Messages



SMS Backup is a very simple app that makes a backup of your SMS and MMS messages (images and audio files), lets you share them and then restore/transfer to another phone (currently only SMS).

Important notice:
– This app doesn’t restore deleted messages.
– If you’re missing some messages or one side of conversation in your backup, it’s probably because this app doesn’t back up RCS messages (also known as Advanced Messaging) unless you use Google Messages as your default texting app. Turning Advanced Messaging off will allow the app to back up new messages only, not those already stored as RCS.

The app can export your conversations to two different formats:
1) nice-looking read-only HTML format with chat bubbles,
2) restorable JSON data file in case you plan to transfer your messages to another phone,
and saves them to your internal device storage.

You can easily send these files to your e-mail, Gmail, Google Drive or wherever you want. If you are switching to a new phone and you want to transfer your SMS messages, this app is exactly what you’re looking for. It not only creates a data file which is required to restore messages, but also saves your text messages to HTML format. Therefore you can open and view your backed up messages almost anywhere, whether it is your computer or iPhone!

Requirements: Android 5.0+
Developer: Jerry Zigo
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