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SecureAPlus – Advanced Malware Protection Software



SecureAPlus Essentials is a multi-layered security solution for your PC that protects against nearly any form of threats thanks to its powerful antivirus engine and integrated internet scanner.

SecureAPlus can assist customers in protecting their PCs from a variety of threats, even if they already have a security solution installed. One can opt-out of installing SecureAPlus’s antivirus module and instead install simply the app whitelisting component.

SecureAPlus can automatically prevent the execution of suspicious or harmful programs, detect backdoors or trojans, and provide users with real-time protection.

Key Features of SecureAPlus Essentials

  • AI-Powered AV.
  • Multilayered Security for PC.
  • It has 10+ Cloud antivirus engines in one.
  • More Ability to Find Malware and Viruses.
  • Extremely Fast Full System Scans.
  • Automatic Scans and Updates.
  • Powerful On-Demand Scanner.
  • Using Application Control and Whitelisting, you can block things before you allow them.
  • Even When You’re Not Online, It Works Great!
  • Adaptive Anti-Virus Protection.